Loft Conversion Poster

Hello there and thanks for visiting my my bio, my name is Theodore but everyone calls me Pilchard, I am a loft conversion specialist currently living in Barrhead, United Kingdom. My favorite hobbies are meme, action figure and equestrianism. I went to school in Worcester and studied at Oxford Brookes University. I have a sister Nylah and a brother Damon, I have a pet chameleon called Jingles. I run a loft conversion agency and like to help homeowners improve their homes so they haven't got to sell up and move. Nowadays housing prices are consistently increasing and it isn't every householder that can find the money to move house when the time arises. It is not just the housing prices which affect this, but additionally the cost of moving, which can be really expensive recently. But moving isn't the only solution open to you if your family is getting too big for your current property. If your home is suitable, you could potentially add a proper extension to generate that additional living space. You are going to need planning permission to do this and this can be costly. If you've got a sizeable garage that you are not using currently, you could think about doing a garage conversion. Another alternative is to do a loft conversion, which may not just be cost effective, but can also add more value to your property without increasing its footprint. When your loft is complete, there are plenty of uses to which you may put that additional area. You can turn it into a guest room, an extra bedroom or two or a new downstairs bathroom. Nonetheless there are lots of uses to which a nicely built loft conversion can be put, limited solely by your imagination!


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