Q1. Magnetic induction occurs when there is relative motion between what two elements? eeeinterviewtips A1. A conductor and a magnetic field. Q2. What is the part of an alternator in which the output voltage is generated? A2. Armature. Q3. What are the two basic types of alternators? A3. Rotating armature and rotating field. Q4. What is the main advantage of the rotating field alternator? A4. Output voltage is taken directly from the armature (not through brushes or slip rings). Q5. Most large alternators have a small dc generator built into them. What is its purpose? A5. To provide dc current for the rotating field. Q6. How are alternators usually rated? A6. Kilovolt-amperes (volt amperes). Q7. What type of prime mover requires a specially designed high-speed alternator? A7. Steam turbine. Q8. Salient-pole rotors may be used in alternators driven by what types of prime movers? A8. Internal combustion engines, water force and electric motors. Q9. What does the term single phase indicate? A9. One voltage (one output). Q10. In single-phase alternators, in order for the voltages induced in all the armature windings to add together for a single output, how must the windings be connected?


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