The Single Worst Piece Of Advice I've Ever Heard

Every now and then, I am asked what the worst piece of advice I have ever heard is, and honestly, there's a lot to sort through. For second place. For first? It's no contest. "Marry a man who loves you a little more than you love him." Who came up with this old adage? A social-climbing psycho? What's wrong with it? Lots. - "More than you love him?" It's true there are many kinds of love; brotherly, sisterly, fatherly, motherly, bromatically, creepy, and so on. But they're not measurable. There's not a love-meter that actually works. Either you love somebody, or you don't. So what this is really saying is "Marry somebody you don't love, but can tolerate." Uhhhh, yay? - We're talking about marriage here. Marriage. 'Til death do us part? Maybe this made sense back when being married was more about collecting your wife's dowry and possibly scoring some sweet-ass horses, and then popping out an heir or two in between shagging prostitutes and dying of horrible diseases we eradicated centuries ago. In the twenty-first century, not so much. - And finally, it's really crappy to the guy in question. He's got to buy the ring, pop the question, agonize over the big event, and all for a woman who secretly is choosing to settle? Yeah, that's not going to blow up in your face in about twenty years, when he can do nothing right and you're both wondering what happened. This is why we've got a double digit divorce rate. Marry somebody you love and who loves you. It's the only way to make a marriage work. koshkamn | Hello...Is There Anybody In There? I'm Not a Goddamn Cougar James Seinfield Dating for Single Parents And After Divorce


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