What Is an Assignment and Why Do UK Students Need to Write It?

Which task does the majority of students hate doing the most? - Correct, it is writing an assignment. And it is not because this process is an incredibly difficult task that requires a student to spend plenty of time. No, on average, you need a couple of hours in the evening or maybe half a day on weekends to complete it. So, why don’t students like writing assignments? There are two main reasons. The first is this task is assigned so frequently that the majority of students become tired of a limitless flow of assignments https://www.assignmentbox.co.uk/ that they have to write on a regular basis.

The second reason is quite a logical question that appears in the heads of many students “What is the purpose of writing another assignment about advantages and disadvantages of globalization?” or “What duration should a movie run for?” From the point of academic value, the writing of such an assignment can hardly help a student to gain some new knowledge or analytical skills. The majority of assignments do not make a student provide deep research, process lots of various information or search for credible sources.

So, what is the real purpose of assignments? If you address this question to your teachers or professors, some of them will try to invent some sound arguments, while others will say that the role of assignments is to teach you to write well. The last explanation will be the most honest because the purpose of any assignment is first of all to improve writing skills.

This includes not only absence of grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Good writing also means the coherent, constructive, and argumentative provision of evidence that supports the topic of an assignment. Where can it be helpful for you in real life? Well, almost in every field, wherever you work, whether it’s writing a report to your boss, a letter to a client, making a presentation for your colleagues or writing a persuasive CV when you apply for a new job. Whatever written task you have, the experience that you receive writing tons of assignments in school, college, or university will help you make others give credence to your arguments.  


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