Yunusa oral interviews, 1975, 012B through 016B



14 Sep 1975 - 09 Oct 1975


Part 1 [012B - 013A] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: Alhaji Garba Sarkin Gilda, male, 50 years old
Date: September 14, 1975
Place: Gwandun Nassarawa, Kano
Topics discussed: Slavery
Notes: concubinege role, eunuch.

Part 2 [013A - 014B] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: M. Isyahu Gandun Dorayi, male, 90 years old
Date: September 17, 1975
Duration: 21 mins
Place: Gwandun Dorayi
Topics discussed: Slavery
Notes: Discussion with descendent of the slave, originally from Maradi. Gwandun Dorayi.

Discussions on Musa Dan Maraya, owner, slave master with many slaves--estimated about 100 of them. Kundila. Concubinage.

Part 3 [014B - 015A] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: Salaman Kano, male, 55 years old
Date: September 20, 1975
Duration: 26 mins
Place: Emir's Place, Kano
Topics discussed: Slaves and Gwandu
Notes: A very important royal slave - the third in rank. Discussion with emir's slave Sallama about Gwandu

Discuss the different types of emirs Gwandu and some sort of Sarauta or slaves saruata with Turakin Sarki who had an eunuch as well as Sallama. Somehow eunuch as well. Audio is poor from about 15mins in. Shamaki Dan Rimi and Sallama are the three stages of sarauta before the arrival of white people. Audio is bit damaged and some discussion are inaudible.

Part 4 [015A - 016B] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: Moh. Sarkin Yaki Dogari, male, 70 years old
Date: September 28, 1975
Duration: 22 mins
Place: Kurawa Road, Kano City
Topics discussed: Slavery
Notes: Dogarin Sarki, Bachuchenen Sarki, slaves' facial mark.
Discussion on the role of many titles in Kano Emirate

Part 5 [016B]:
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: M.Mahmudu Na Bargery
Date: October 9, 1975
Duration: 8 mins
Place: Bakin Zoro Road, Kano City
Topics discussed: Slavery
Notes: Areas Kano fought war with; slave names such as yar dogarai, assabaru, nasamu, alakyauta, albarka. Slaves were found to sing alone their back home songs when performing task in the farm. Slave traders, a story of how the slave were free from slavery and enter the military. Also sing a song of freedom flag in Shattima's place Kano.





© 1975 Yusufu Yunusa


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