Yunusa oral interviews, 1975, 002A through 005A



11 Jul 1975 - 31 Jul 1975


Part 1 [002A]:
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: Hauwa, female, 80 years old, slave
Date: July 11, 1975
Duration: 28 mins
Place: Gwangwazo Kano
Topics discussed: Slavery
Notes: Discussion with Hauwa on cucanawa and slaves names such as Nasamu, Alabura,Na gode, Arziti. Hauwa bought by Makaman Kano Aminu, the original owner of Makama house in Kano.Hauwa was then taken to Wudil, she was able to recall very personal experiences in childhood and some disturbing punishment. She also explain about Ba-ba (eunuch) and how they were found. indeed a very torturing event. Interview continue in the next file.

Part 2 [002B] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: Mai dawakai Gwadabe Dogari [Gwadabe Mai Dawakai Dogari Gwadabe], female, 54 years old, slave
Date: July 11, 1975
Duration: 15 mins.
Place: Emirs of Kano residence
Topics discussed: Emir slaves
Notes: Discussion on different slave values--that of emirs slave and individual owners of slave and their Gwandu. Emirs Gwandu Goya, Dorayi, Fanisau, Nassarawa, Wudil , Takai, Shanono, loyal slave and their rule. Also discuss about Ba-ba eunuch.

Part 3 [002B - 004B]:
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: Mohd Rabi'u [Muhammadu Rabi'u], male, 59 years old
Date: July 13, 1975
Duration: 16 mins
Place: Fannisau Village
Topics discussed: Slavery
Notes: Discussions on different slave roles in Gwandu.

Part 4 [004B] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: A. Abdurahman, male, 60 years old
Date: July 28, 1975
Duration: 14 mins
Place: Kofar Nassarawa Road, Kano City
Topics discussed: Slave trade
Notes: A bit of different statement with regards to others' statement. Slave market, Hausa fought war with Damagarawa and Ningawa that defines as warjawa during the reign of Sarki Alu.Slaves market.(not really complete in between 11:48mins).

Part 5 [004B - 005A] :
Interviewer: Yusufu Yunusa
Interviewee: M. Bawa, male, 102 years old
Date: July 31, 1975
Place: Danbazau Road, Kano City
Topics discussed: Slave trade
Notes: Discussions on the slave trade; names of slaves dealer, stated that nobody in Kano knows when the slave trade begun, Warjawwa, angas were among those group or tribe being enslaved. Slaves were brought with their agreement, slave origins and ethnicity. Discussion on Manumussion, slave dealing, Muddabar, Murgu, the culutre of cucanawa





© 1975 Yusufu Yunusa


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