Liberated African Register; (75,357-84,420); Vol.15; 1845 [copy 3]




This is a list of 9163 Africans liberated from slave ships by the British Royal Navy in 1845. These were among tens of thousands of African individuals affected by the implementation of British suppression policies following abolition in 1807. The list includes extremely rare detail of the names, ages, height and gender of the men, women and children released from illegal slave trading vessels at the Vice-Admiralty Court at Freetown. In addition, there is detailed information on the physical attributes of the individuals including scarification and other markings. This volume includes information on the emigration of Liberated Africans to Jamaica, Trinidad, Berbice and Demerara.

Bound volume. Vol. 15.

Approximately 640 folios.

Entries organized by number [Numbers 75357-84420].

The volume has been rebound in cloth on boards and stamped in gold. It is spine bound in red leather. There is water damage on the bottom right side of pages. There is also mildew present.





Please obtain permission from the Sierra Leone Public Archives to use this material for purposes other than research.


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