Police Court Record Book of Courts Held at Waterloo; 10/8/1895-20/3/1896




Bound volume.

The volume contains pages with standard printed numbers in the right hand corner. A standard alphabetical index is included at the front of the volume, but this has been left blank.

This volume contains detailed records of cases heard at the Police Court in Waterloo in the Eastern District. The cases relate to a variety of offences, including threatening behaviour, theft and assault and abuse. Information is provided on the names of the defendant and the complainant in each case. Testimony from different witnesses includes information on the names, addresses and occupations of individuals connected with cases. The circumstances connected with the case also reveal valuable information on social and economic relationships in the colony, as well as personal information on Liberated Africans. The judgements and sentences passed are also recorded.




Please obtain permission from the Sierra Leone Public Archives to use this material for purposes other than research.


“Police Court Record Book of Courts Held at Waterloo; 10/8/1895-20/3/1896,” The Harriet Tubman Resource Centre Digital Archive, accessed August 22, 2019, http://digital.tubmaninstitute.ca/items/show/498.