The life of Josiah Henson, formerly a slave, now an inhabitant of Canada




The following memoir was written from the dictation of Josiah Henson. A portion of the story was told, which, when written, was read to him, that any errors of statement might be corrected. The substance of it, therefore, the facts, the reflections, and very often the words, are his; and little more than the structure of the sentences belongs to another.

The narrative, in this form, necessarily loses the attraction derived from the earnest manner, the natural eloquence of a man who tells a story in which he is deeply interested; but it is hoped that enough remains to repay perusal, and that the character of the man, and the striking nature of the events of his life will be thought to justify the endeavor to make them more extensively known. The story has this advantage, that it is not fiction, but fact; and it will be found fruitful in instruction by those who attentively consider its lessons.


Boston : Arthur D. Phelps




Public domain



Henson, Josiah, “The life of Josiah Henson, formerly a slave, now an inhabitant of Canada,” The Harriet Tubman Resource Centre Digital Archive, accessed October 20, 2018, http://digital.tubmaninstitute.ca/items/show/38.


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