British Methodist Episcopal Church, Niagara Falls
Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel, Niagara Falls



The British Methodist Episcopal Church was the centre of spiritual and social activities for newly arrived Blacks in Ontario in the 1800’s.

Built in 1836 at Portage Road and Murray Hill, it was moved to its present site on Peer Street in 1890. The lot was donated by Oliver Parnall, a man who escaped slavery and swam the Niagara River to freedom.

In 1983, the BME Church was renamed the Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel in honour of native-born, world-renowned musician and composer of sacred music, Robert Nathaniel Dett, who, from 1898 to 1903, was the church organist.

Designated as a National Historic Site in 2001 and a building of architectural signigicance under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1986.

For more information, see the Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel site.



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